Spotlight on GETSET Julie

12 thoughts on “Spotlight on GETSET Julie”

  1. Good article. GETSET Julie clearly doesn’t have ME if she can make such major changes in a week without crashing badly.

    They are definitely not studying ME. Even when I was mildly effected and pushed myself to keep teaching part time for over a decade, any tiny increase of activity beyond my normal tipped me into relapses lasting usually 1 to 2 weeks before I dragged myself back to work again, getting sicker and sicker until I had to give up work.
    I suspect they carefully chose only people with fatigue due to depression or not getting enough sleep. Yet despite that they still got insignificant results. What a fiasco. And so damaging to people with real ME.

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  2. The longer this whole, sorry BPS saga continues, the weirder and wilder their claims become. How can this guide possibly be aimed at someone who suffers from ME?
    How could anyone with even the slightest knowledge of the illness think that this guide is relevant to ME sufferers?
    The mind really does boggle, even on a non-brain fogged day.
    The only advantage is that it shows just how ridiculous the BPS theory is. The (considerable) downside is that there will be poor, desperate, newly diagnosed people who will not yet have realised just how damaging this advice can be.

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  3. White is just making himself seem all the more childishly ignorant all the time.

    I’d like to see White’s weekly schedule. I doubt that he does anywhere near as much as his supposed patient!

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  4. Little did they know Julie was also sacrificing goats at a pagan rite and taking baby blood in capsuls as a supplement. She was anemic and possibly a vampire. *giggles* Before some researcher from the Uk tries to sue me for hurting their feelings consider the price of an international lawsuit, I’m from the US and we thankfull have real researchers here. (You do have some in the UK but the biopsychopathsocial dedicated are all not among them, they are at best the janitors of fatigue who cannot be proven wrong about therapy being good for depressed people and exercise being good for everyone who is tired or sick, less it end up in more noncompliant patients with other illnesses and cost the NHS and tax payers there a royal bundle from preventable problems when they don’t have the counterindication people with ME and CFS* have.)

    *In the US we rarely use ME as you may know, so CFS is a often a synonym here at times due to official diagnosis/insurance/education hurdles. However I believe we do have ME here, given what I have read of the consensus criterias, etc.

    I hope we may all be delivered from the “false cognitions” of the BPS-dogma and probably slightly tired mom Julie (btw pretty much everyone I’ve met in the last ten years has CFS by the standards set by “Julie” including my cousin who just gave birth, my mother who works 40 hours a week, and every person I went to school with…).


  5. More money & glory in it if you pretend it applies to the whole swathe of ME & cfs even while excluding those with PEM problems. Justifies more clinics, more references to psych “specialists,” more consultancies, more business for their businesses. And for their victims — contempt and defamatory pronouncements.

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