Hillsborough Law – Shifting the Balance in Favour of Truth

8 thoughts on “Hillsborough Law – Shifting the Balance in Favour of Truth”

  1. Thank you for another excellent article. I wonder whether you might be able to get it published somewhere in the British Media. Ah, but how could I forget – they are all in thrall to the Science Media Centre which is in the pocket of the perpetrators of this injustice.
    If anyone reading this article is a member of either AfME or the MEA I hope they will write to those organisations about their continued support of the CMRC which I feel is completely inappropriate, especially now the vice chair Esther Crawley has shown her true colours and the board has expressed its full support for her.
    Could you send a copy of this article to Andy Burnham?

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  2. Thanks, Trish. I’m intending to send this to the pm programme (though I don’t know if they have been ‘got at’ by the dreaded SMC!) and also to Eddie Mair personally (if I can work out how) – I think he’s an excellent journalist who is always trying to open his listeners’ eyes to a perspective above and beyond what is normally put across in the mainstream media. I’ve an ME contact in the Manchester area and I think I will ask her if she wants to send it to Burnham. Politicians tend to respond better to their own constituents, in my experience. Also, if anyone reading this in Greater Manchester who would like to send this to Andy Burnham, then please get in touch with me.

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    1. That misjudgment re ‘muppets’ should really be a wake up call for medics. It reveals a disregard for patients which has been around a very long time but kept hidden. They used to know they had to keep it hidden but their latest misjudgment seems to be that they’ve forgotten why that is.

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  3. Another thoughtful piece. I might add that the disempowerment of ordinary people is a general and chronic trend at least as long as our own illness. We’ve seen political parties and their leaders investing themselves with more and more power, and becoming more and more brazen in their denying of the public will, as they see successive generations of politicians getting away with more and more. We’ve seen local communities robbed of any say in development decisions that affect them, and we’ve seen both the weakening of rights of appeal and parallel cuts in legal aid that now make it almost impossible to hold anyone to account in decisions about our health or the running of the related institutions of democracy.

    Burnham’s idea essentially calls for a great increase in powers of Ombudsmen, and of the Equality Commission, which ought to be able to combine with a Tribunal service to hold national inquiries, completely independent of government influence, and at their own instigation. At its logical height, it ought even to be able to commence impeachment proceedings against prime ministers and the executive, and senior figures in other government departments and public institutions. I suppose it could be thought of as a ‘Public Prosecutors’ Office’, but it would need to be wholly free of political patronage, unlike the US system, which is completely undermined by the president being able to choose ‘judges’ on the basis of their known partiality!

    Of course, we know that the trend is exactly the opposite of what we need, and a key drive of the Brexit campaign has been to rob the public of even the rare option of being able to appeal to European courts. That leaves the UN, but governments take even less notice of UN inquiries than they do of EU Courts judgments.

    The establishment zeitgeist, both here and in the US–which they are outrageously getting away with so far–is the victim blaming culture being propagated by the SMC, and Wessely School here, and by Ann Coulter and many identikit right wing media rabble rousers in the US. You can see in this clip, how closely the victim blaming culture development in the US parallels and amplifies the one being being promoted a little less brazenly–so far–by the ‘Wesselys’ and ‘Crawleys’, with the SMC’s assistance, no doubt, here:


    1. ‘Politicians becoming more brazen as they see successive generations of politicians getting away with more and more ‘ I think this is what has been happening with the bps researchers too. Would Esther Crawley have been producing so much outlandishly flawed work if she hadn’t seen she and the others get away with it for so long? As it happens, the last couple of things she’s put out seem – from the cursory glance I’ve been able to give them – to be rather less outlandish, so perhaps we’re giving her pause for thought.


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